SEEP organization in partnership with the Municipality of Vlora conducted the activity

"Let's Remove the Plastic from the Sea" in implementation of the projects 1 - "Between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea" as part of the Mediterranean initiative "Beyond Plastic Med". 2 - "Let's Clean the Coast" as part of the "Let's Clean Albania" National Initiative 3 - "Communication Information on Environmental Policy for Sustainable Development" as part of the ECIM Environmental National Network.

The activity in nature was preceded by a wide campaign to inform and raise awareness of the citizens and decision makers about the dangers threatening nature and life on our planet from plastic, through local media, social networks, posters and discussions.

This initiative, in addition to the civil society activists, also included some exemplary business of the city, but also politicians and candidates responsible for the environment, important personalities of Civil Society and Environment in Albania at national level, professors of Tirana University, Naturalist Club students, REALD University in Vlora, Reuters Television, EDEN3 Television, Vlora NEWS, etc.

The activity moved from the square to the plastic-flooded beaches, where citizens resting there were also involved, and they asked the municipality to set up bins to throw their garbage. The plastic that was collected from the action went directly to recycling collection through the collecting society Emmaus Vlora with their carts and Albanian ARA Recyclers' Association who participated in this action. Even New York Hotel in Vlora was actively involved with its staff in cleaning beaches from plastic.

From this activity will be evaluated with certificate prominent volunteer citizens, businesses "Everest", "Hotel New York" and "Emmaus Vlora", the participant candidate for deputy of PAA under the sigle of PD, titled "Friends of the Environment"


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