Certification of divers from UDI school!
Underwater Tourist Guide ready for the new season!
SEEP divers are trained not only to accompany tourists in underwater guides, but also to explain them the attractive underwater miracle of our natures, the species that live there and to preserve them faithfully, without touching them, for this way we will increase the number of tourist visitors, the ecosystem will become richer, healthier and more valuable to everyone.

Also SEEP divers will dive against marine debris.

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WETLAND DAY 2016 ! — Në Laguna E Nartes.

Happy Wetland Day !
Today in wetland day event! Naturalist Club students, in collaboration with SEEP (Social Education & Environment Protection), Fishermen Association Narte, Ahmet Axhushi foto-studio, Qendra Rinore Vlore (Vlora Youth Center ), the Drkk Vlore (Regional Directorate of National Culture) , Shoqata Narta (Association Narta), Ppne Vlore,

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The land area was liberated!

Finally the fence is removed by ist bosses! This is a great victory of Civil Society! Green Vision is a Network in Vlora! A wonderful nature between the Sea and the Lagoon! But our mission does not end here ! We seek the annulment of the decision for constructing the oil well. We planted a tree on the place where the well was going to be built and gathered their wastes !


Presentation by Pierre Manchot of the Pilot Project "Amazing Waste" by the French association Recycl'AGE for the youth of SEEP to implement it voluntarily in the municipality of Vlora. The project consists of the separate collection of waste by citizens to have a clean environment without plastic and other wastes.

Presentation of the Pilot Project "Amazing Waste" by Pierre Manchot for the youth of SEEP to implement it voluntarily in...

Posted by SEEP (Social Education & Environment Protection) on Sunday, December 20, 2015


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