Let's Clean the Coast! 2015

On the occasion of Biodiversity Day, in Vlora and throughout the Albanian coast, civil action of coast cleaning took place today. Environmental Organizations Network "Green Vision", the city's institutions, the District Council, Municipality, DAR, ARM, DRM, students, scholars and citizens were engaged in the activity. The candidate for mayor z. Dritan Leli also accepted our invitation. The activity was supported by SENIOR program of REC Albania. Some businesses like Nisatel, Xerox, Gama Market contributed with equipment. Thanks and gratitude to all the participants!

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Informing on MPA

SEEP in collaboration with INCA realized the informing of tourists and daily visitors to restaurants and bars in Vlora Bay for marine and coastal protected areas, their values and natural, touristic, historical and cultural assets.

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Let's Clean the Coast! 2014

SEEP organized the event "Let's Clean the Coast 2014". Part of this voluntary action of Civil Society were also our partners of authority starting from Prefecture, District Council, Municipalities, Communes, Regional Directorates of Environment, Education, Public Health, Forest Service, Agriculture, Gymnasium, public and private universities, businesses, citizens, etc. The action included over 15 thousand volunteers from Vlora, Narta, Orikum, Novosela, Himara and coastal villages. The activity was also shown by local and national media.

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The Environmental March

On the occasion of World Environment Day, SEEP in collaboration with other environmental organizations in the city, manifested in the boulevard of the city with posters and banners for environmental education and awareness raising of citizens.

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