Piloting of the law 69/2012 in schools.

At "Muco Delo" in Vlore, SEEP applied a project financed by Soros for piloting the implementation of the new law on pre-university education where the main role in managing the school belongs to the parents, as the most interested party in the progress of the school.

We established the model of parents' school board rise with open and democratic procedures, starting from selection of representative students to the Board, selection of teachers, representatives of the collective, selection of parents from each class for the Parents' Councils and the selection of their representation on the highest authority of the school which is the Board. In implementing this project were engaged experts and education specialists, lawyers, all students of the school, parents and teachers. The cornerstone of the elections were the procedures, always open, free, democratic and with secret voting.

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Studying the phenomenon of racism in schools

A group of SEEP youth compiled and conducted a canvass for studying of the phenomenon of racism among peers in schools. The result of the survey was that the phenomenon of racism exists in our society, but very small in size.


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