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he only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.



Social Education & Environment Protection

Part A General Information  
1. Name and acronym of the organization Social Education & Environment Protection                                           (SEEP)
2. Address of the Headquarters Boulevard”Ismail Qemali”, Palace Conad, 2nd Floor, Vlore Albania
  Street Boulevard”Ismail Qemali”
  City & Zip Code Vlore 9401
  Country Albania
  Tel +355 33 406627
  Fax +355 33 406627
  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Web site
3. Year of foundation 2011
4. Type of organization Association Association
5. Organizational status NGO

    President of the organization









Str. Cameria, 7 pallate, Nr62, Vlora, Albania

+355 69 238 7089

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  Structure and functioning of directing bodies




  Staff 2 persons
  Number of members Over 1000 persons
6. Funding  
a) Membership fees: Yes
b) Public funding Yes
c) Private donations Yes
d) Other, please specify Foreign embassies         


Please describe briefly the goals, mandate or mission of your organization

ü  Monitoring, highlight, education and promote social and environmental issues, raising awareness, training,  community empowerment,  interfering with specific activities for rehabilitation of these issues, encouraging  collaboration with local government, networking…

ü  SEEP  operates in Educational , Social and Environmental field.


Activities of your organization

Please describe activities of your organization

  • Recently SEEP implemented a project financed by OSFA SOROS about implementation of the  new Law 69/12 for Decentralization of Competencies in Education Institutions, and the result was great. (September 2012-July 2013)
  • In the field of Environmental Education we are implementing a project financed by REC Albania that was widely implemented by AARHUS Convention, concerning the citizens rights for information and participation  in decision making through complaints about public environmental issue through activities, youth education, trainings and wide education of citizens and government through local and national television programming. (April 2013- Decembre 2013)
  • Education and planting of 500 plant roots in Narta Public Beach in cooperation with Commune Qender Vlore and with many actors. 19 May 2012
  • In cooperation with Orikum Municipality, SEEP organized “voluntary beach cleanup” on the occasion of the world day (17 September – 17 October) 2012.
  • Expansion of Culture Italian Language and Chinese language in Vlore city supported by the Italian and Chinese Embassy in Tirana.     
  • Accomplished  project in collaboration with DAR Vlore  in the field of education and environment, as:
  • Familiarity with culture of Albanian territories in Kosova cities and villages
  • The role of drugs and their effect in the human body.
  • Assessment of air pollution in our city.
  • Community water quality in our city
  • Consultation package for State Prom exams 2012.
  • Accomplished project in collaboration with town hall of Vlore:
  • Concerts and sports in New Beach territory in the event of  “Opening of the Touristic Season 2012 in Vlora City”
  • June 1  “ Children Day “  collaboration with Vlore Municipality and Hommes Terres NGO  
  • In cooperation with Orikum Municipality, SEEP organized “Voluntary Beach Cleanup” on the occasion of the World Day (17 September – 17 October ) 2012.
  • In cooperation with all Environmental Centers of Vlore and city institutions, SEEP organized             the activity “ Day Without Cars “ September 2012 in our city.

The activity at national level SEEP organized during the summer :

Vlora beaches and out of reach areas for tourists during the Touristic Season.

  • Sustainable economic activities in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (SEA- Med)- Albania in partnership with INCA, WWF financed by CEPF.
  • March-September 2014
  • SEEP organized activity of “Let’s Clean Albania”  for Vlora Region, May & November 2014 & 2015 collaboration with municipalitiesand of Vlora Region and State Institutions.
  • Organized Earth Hour in Vlora Albania in 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Earth Day 2014, 2015 in Vlora
  • In Europian Day of Protected Area, youth of SEEP organized an underwater explorer expedition for knowing the biodiversity in MPA, in collaboation with UNDP and PANA (AKZM).
  • Biodiversity Day in Vlora 2015

“Seven billion dreams on a planet” Environment Day 2015, in MPA Karaburun! Youth education with love, conservation and sustainable  development of natural resources in MPA.

  • June - Meetings for “Green Election” with candidates for Local Government election 2015 - Citizens voice.
  • July 2015 - Training and Certified by UDI school,  a youth  group of SEEP  (Scuba SEEP) for "Tourist Underwater Guide" for touristic purposes in Vlora Bay, suported by PPNEA and CEPF Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund through project "Land of Eagles and Castles"

Particularly the guiders were trained for both recognition and preservation of endangered marine species so they can always be in the focus of their work with tourists, to promote and faithfully preserve them.

  • In August 2015 youth SEEP surveyed 100 businesses for certification of their services and 500 tourists in and near MPA for their needs and services .
  • August 2015 - "Birdwatching" expedition in the coastal area of Bourges, in Bulgaria, organized by the Association for the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (SSSBiH) and (CEPF)
  • September 2015 - Civic Movement for “Vjosa River - National Park”  by ETNAR
    The newest and the most powerful movement of civil society in Vlora!
    The strength of the cooperation between Civil Society and Government is greater than itself Vjosa when rage.
    The STATEMENT for Vjosa National Park is getting hand to hand and is being signed without hesitation.
  • August & October 2015 - On the occasion of the 66 anniversary of the National Day of the People's Republic of China, the Albania- China Friendship Association in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in Tirana and the Department of Education SEEP conducted an activity about the close friendship between Albania and China and about the excellent educational and cultural relationship.
  • September - The department of Social Education and Environment Protection SEEP in collaboration with Erudite Center, with the occasion of European Day of Languages organized an activity for the youth
  • October - SEEP youth in collaboration with Erudite Center and the school for children with special needs gave an educational show
  • October 2015 - The activity was held at the American Corner Vlore in collaboration with SEEP and Erudite Center
  • December 2015 – Start the Pilot Project "Amazing Waste" in collaboration with Recyclart NGO for the youth of SEEP to implement it voluntarily in the municipality of Vlora.
  • September- in progress, SEEP is the main partner to Naturalist Club (High School organization in Vlora) , leading and supporting activities for biodiversity and natural resources.
  • SEEP NGO from March 2015 is the leader of Environmental NGO-s Network in Vlora “Green Vision”
  • October 2015 – ongoing, SEEP lead the Civic Movement “Tourism or Oil” in Vlora.  Because it seriously endanger fragile ecosystems and biodiversity in Adriatic Marine Coastal, MPA Sazan-Karaburun and Narta Wetland by the construction of an oil well. Actually until now we have a great victory of Civil Society!The land area was liberated! Finally the fence is removed by its bosses!
    A wonderful nature between the Sea and the Lagoon! But our mission does not end here ! We seek the annulment of the decision for constructing the oil well.We planted a tree on the place where the well was going to be built and gathered their wastes!
  • Decembre 2015 – SEEP organized a studying visit in Sazan island with Naturalist club students for visibility growth of MPA.
  • February-2016  Happy Wetland Day !
    SEEP (Social Education & Environment Protection) in collaboration with Naturalist Club students,Fishermen Association Narte, Axhushi fotostudio, Vlora Youth Center, the Regional Directorate of National Culture, Association Narta, Ppne Vlore, ShellGallery Vlora, inhabitants, realized informational activities for large NARTA lagoon values...
  • SEEP youth accomplished today for the fourth consecutive year the Earth Hour public event in collaboration with Naturalist Club and the Municipality of Vlore, supported by ANEP, GAMA detergent and XEROX.

Earth Hour knocks every day, every moment in our activity and consciousness.
Let's preserve our common home, our only planet, it is unique and irreplaceable. It is where the life was born and will continue for our descendants.
Let the Earth Hour knock for changing our behavior.
"Change Climate Change"



Please describe briefly the support base (members/supporters/donors) of your organization

SEEP organization is established on membership base and has over 1000 members enrolled on “Book of members”

ü  Regional Environmental Center

ü  American Embassy in Tirana


ü  Protection and Preservation of Natural and Environmental in Albania, SSSBIH) and (CEPF)

ü  La Petrolifera Italo Albanese

ü  Membership fee


Social Education & Environment Protection

  • Cel: +355 69 238 7089
  • Phone/Fax: +355 33 406627
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Albania, Vlore, 9401, Boulevard "Ismail Qemali", Palace Conad, 2nd Floor

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